Outdoor Swimmer Magazine - 2022 Issues PACK

Outdoor Swimmer Magazine - 2022 Issues PACK

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Swim through the seasons with a complete year of Outdoor Swimmer magazine. Twelve issues of wild swimming inspiration, plus the annual Trends in Outdoor Swimming report. Let Outdoor Swimmer help you become a better swimmer and enhance your wild swimming adventures.

2022 Issues Pack (February 2022 - January 2023 + Trends first and second edition)

February 2022 - Swim Happy - Issue #58 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-swim-happy

March 2022 - Swim Wild and Free - Issue #59 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-swim-wild-and-free

April 2022 - Swim Strong - Issue #60 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-swim-strong

May 2022 - Making a Splash - Issue #61 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-making-a-splash

June 2022 - Share the Swim Love - Issue #62 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-share-the-swim-love

July 2022 - Friendship - Issue #63 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-friendship

August 2022 - Adventure - Issue #64 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-adventure

September 2022 - Back To School - Issue #65 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-backtoschool

October 2022 - Health - Issue #66 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-health

November 2022 - Changing Seasons - ISSUE #67 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-changing-seasons

December 2022 - Magic & Ritual - ISSUE #68 https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-magic-ritual

January 2023 – Rest & Reflection – Issue #69   https://www.outdoorswimmershop.com/products/outdoor-swimmer-magazine-rest-reflection


Including health news, outdoor swimming news, training, swim locations, technique, travel, event listings, gear news and kit reviews.

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