SwimCell Ear Plugs For Swimming Pack of 4
SwimCell Swimming Ear Plugs
SwimCell Swimming Ear Plugs Waterproof
Pack of 4 SwimCell Waterproof Ear Plugs
Pink and Orange Silicone Waterproof Ear Plug
Silicone SwimCell Ear Plugs
Waterproof Ear Plug Adult
SwimCell Ear Plug Size
Black and Yellow Swimming Ear Plugs
Orange and Pink Waterproof Ear Plug
Swimming Ear Plugs Clear
SwimCell Silicone Swimming Ear Plugs

Earplugs for Swimming. Adult Size.

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SwimCell Design
These soft, comfortable SwimCell waterproof ear plugs are suitable for most adults. They have a larger, rounder plug than most others creating a better seal within the ear minimising the risk of the ear plugs falling out and water getting in.

If you consider that you have a small ear canal they may not be suitable for you. You can also trip the plug for a smaller fit.

How to Use
The earplugs identify the right or left ear with and R or L, but you’ll soon get used to which goes in each side. TIP- The one that looks like an L shape when you’re holding it by the plunger goes in the left ear.

Ensure that sure you insert the plug into the ear until you feel the seal. They will sit flush into the shape of your ear, this may need a bit of practice to get them into the right position. Some people find they get a better seal when the plugs are wet first.

Bright Colours
If you accidentally drop the ear plugs into the swimming pool, the bright colours make them easy to see, unlike blue ear plugs which blend in with the colour of the pool. These ear plugs sink slowly giving you time to grab them.

Storage Box
Each pair of swimming ear plugs comes with it’s own SwimCell storage box so you can keep the earplugs safe in between use. This will also float if the case is accidentally dropped in the water. We can't guarantee you're going to be able to find the white one though- but it will look less obvious in your ears.

Great Value
We only sell packs of 2 or 4 pairs enabling us to offer you better value giving you better value. Use the 2nd pair as a back up, spare or for a friend or partner.

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