Trio Pack of Outdoor Skincare Toiletries
Trio Pack of Outdoor Skincare Toiletries
Trio Pack of Outdoor Skincare Toiletries
Trio Pack of Outdoor Skincare Toiletries
Trio Pack of Outdoor Skincare Toiletries

Trio Pack of Outdoor Skincare Toiletries

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This trio pack is all your need for your next getaway when it comes to your outdoor skincare toiletries. Just three products instead of seven!

1 – Powdered Hair & Body Wash 60ml – This refreshing hair and body wash is a concentrated powder formula, naturally fragranced with lemongrass and bergamot essential oils. It’s an all-in-one soap for your hair to your toes, safe to use no matter where you go.

2 – Moisturising Cream Insect Repellent 60ml – Naturally fragranced with mandarin and cardamom essential oils, this moisturising, long-lasting cream formula serves as both an insect repellent and night-time moisturiser. You’re covered, day and night.

3 – Moisturising Sunscreen 60ml – Our special broad spectrum cream formula not only protects you from the sun, but keeps your skin nourished. Designed for maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Good for the whole family including people with sensitive skin.

✅ All three The Intrepid Explorer tubes contain 60ml of product and only weigh 170g all together when full. That’s roughly the weight of three average sized eggs. Now that’s light!
✅ When using all three our products on your adventure you also get to save on bringing your cream, as all our products have hydrating properties, so no need for that extra bottle/tub/tube!
✅ Your bag / backpack is lighter and more spacious compared to taking your original bottles
✅ You can fly using only the hand luggage option and beat the queues at the airport
✅ Save the time and perhaps the mess of decanting into smaller bottles

🧪 Natural Formula
🎒 Practical and lightweight
🌍 Curb-recyclable packaging
🧴 Beneficial essential oils

The Intrepid Explorer natural skincare products are multi-purpose and in a concentrated formula, which means:

  • You’ll spend less money – you’re buying fewer products!
  • You’ll use less – that concentrated formula!
  • You’re consuming less plastic – just three bottles instead of 7!
  • Takes up less space in your luggage – see above!

Good for nature and good for you!

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